Previously, I have written about making cheapest calls to India from US. In this post let us look at the cheapest way to call US.

To call landlines and cell phones in US, using Skype is the best option. If you buy their monthly package, then it costs only $3 / month and you can make unlimited calls to any phone in US. Well, unlimited is just a business terms, they do have a fair usage policy, which states that you can make calls worth 10,000 mins. Well that’s quite a deal when compared to most of the solutions available.

Why is calling from Skype so cheap ?

Well the answer is simple, skype uses voip and hence it is dirt cheap.

However, there are limitations with Skype and that is you need to be connected to internet to make calls ! This is a huge disadvantage as you will not be able to make calls on the move. This can be overcome, provided you have a phone that has internet connectivity and supports Skype.

I’ll cover how to achieve this in another post .


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