Making your Mac OS compatible with your Creative Zen MP3 Player

A common problem with the Creative Labs Zen MP3 players is that they do not have any firmware support for the Mac OSs. This is a huge problem with users who have Mac systems and have bought Creative Zen players. However, the good news is that there are several other options available that will enable you to access and manage the Zen player using your Mac PC, and this article will tell you about these in sufficient detail.

The bad news is that, although the Creative Labs discussion forum, and their FAQ page lists these as solutions to the Mac-incompatibility problem, the manufacturers do not take any responsibility for any malfunction/problem that might arise due to the use of these third-party applications with your Zen player. However, since you do not have any other option – here is the list of packages that will help you out.

First, you can download the software called XNJB, created by Richard Low – an open source designer. XNJB is free and works fine almost all of the MAC OS X versions. Furthermore, this application is absolutely free, and if you have the designing bug in you, then you can add to it, as it is also open source.

The next option is to use the iTunes Zen plugin, which is also a freeware, and enables your in-house iTunes to support all Zen players. However, many users have reported snags with this problem – and it will be well advised to go for XNJB, if you do not have any other issues regarding the download.

Both of the above programs have been around for quite some time, and have been fairly well received by Mac users. Hence, you could try out both one-by-one and retain the one that suits you the most. XNJB’s interface is also quite similar to that of iTunes – so you will not have a tough time settling in.


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