Ok, sorry for the cheeky heading. Unless you are an Electronics Student, who has access to the the chips, boards, wires etc, you cannot make a mouse by yourself.

But what if you had a software that’ll make any object around you to behave like a mouse, what more can you ask for ?? That’s what exactly CamSpace from Cam-trax does !!

Requirements –

1> Computer,
2> Webcam (most laptops come integrated with it, if yours doesn’t have one, then you can make use of external webcam too), and
3> CamSpace software installed on your system.

Using the software and the camera, you can make any object around you to behave like a mouse. Cam-trax enables you to play ANY PC game you want using almost any object as a game controller.

Now if you have an old steering lying in your garage, it’s time to put it work and make your own wii remote using it to start playing some exiting computer games !

Now does this mean that game manufacturers should watch out for something like this, or buy over the patent and start integrating it in their existing multi-million dollar business ?

See CamSpace in Action :

[ Download CamSpace ]


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