I’n my previous post I spoke about Instant Eyedropper, a tool that will help identify HTML color code of any pixel in an image. Instant Eyedropper is a product from SpiceBrains and is a freeware.

SpiceBrains offers another product known as the Webmaster’s Toolkit, which has Instant Eyedropper, a Pixel Ruler and Color Picker in the complete package.

Using the pixel ruler you can measure the size of any objects on the screen, and also measure the distance between any two objects, accurate upto a pixel.

The complete package offers the following :

1> pixel ruler – measuring the distances with perfect accuracy up to a pixel;
2> choose of any color with a PhotoShop-style Color Picker;
3> seeing and input values in most common formats (HTML, RGB, CMYK, HEX)
4> picking the color value from any pixel of the screen;
5> adjusting the color.

[ Download Webmasters Toolkit ]


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