Most of you by now have moved on to latest version of Office 2007, and you’ll notice a lot of changes when you first starting using the products in the suite. Things have changed, and change is good, but adjusting to the change does take some time and a bit of ‘scratching’ around to figure how to get the things to work.

I’ve recently started using Microsoft word 2007 and figured there’s lot more than just using it as a document. Being a blogger one of the best features I liked about Word 2007 is the blogging tool integrated with in Word 2007. Microsoft already has a powerful blogging tool – Windows Live Writer, and all they did was pulled all the features from there and integrated it with Microsoft Word 2007. So if you are unable to install Windows Live Writer or do not want to install it on your system, but still want a powerful tool, upgrade to the latest version of Word and you are all set with a simple yet powerful blogging tool on your system.

Even before you start using Word 2007 as a blogging tool, you’ll have to set up WordPress to accept posts using the XML-RPC technology, which is the technology that supports ‘Remote Publishing’ in WordPress.

Read this article that has the steps to enable Remote publishing in WordPress.

Once you have activated / enabled Remote publishing in WordPress, you are all set to use Microsoft Word 2007 as a blogging tool.

Here’s how you can use Microsoft word 2007 as a blogging tool :

1> Open MS Word and click on the office button found in the top left corner.
2> Select New-> Blank & Recent-> click on New blog post

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3> When you are in the Blog Post page, click on ‘Manage Account‘, where you can configure and / or set up new accounts.
4> Write your article and add images and click ‘Publish

If you do not want to publish the article right away, you can save it as a draft with the ‘Save as draft’ option. You can edit the content or publish the content at a later point.


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