Firefox Tricks to Open Bookmarks In the New Tabs

The Firefox the webpage that you have bookmarked always opens on the active tab that you are currently using. This is default setting, but it will create a little risk of accidentally losing the webpage that the user was browsing. When the user closes the tab with unsaved work, the previous WebPages will be lost.

Hence it would be great to bookmark the links. Even the Firefox browser supports tabbed browsing. However, it would be really great if the bookmark to link could be opened in the new tabs.

The Firefox doesn’t permit opening the bookmarks in the new tab by default. However, there are some tricks or workarounds using which you could force the Firefox to open your bookmarks as the webpage on new tab, which is without having to replace the current active tab. By doing this, you can prevent from the risk of losing webpage, which is already loaded on your browser.

The easiest way to open a bookmark in a new tab is just clicking the middle mouse button. So instead of doing the left click, you will be doing the middle click on the roller of your mouse.

What if your mouse doesn’t have middle button ? Like for example, this workaround however will not work for the Firefox users who are using the laptop touchpad, notebook computer track-pad, or the ones who are using a mouse that does not have a middle button.

There is another hack for opening bookmark links in new tab without having to of replace existing tabs. You just have to press and hold the Ctrl button when clicking on the bookmark you want.

Additionally, there is one more built-in system for opening bookmark in new tab. It is just by right clicking on the bookmark and selecting the option, “Open in New Tab” in the background menu. Similarly, the users and may also select to “Open in New Window” by using this way.

There is another trick for Firefox users who need some simple solutions. The trick is that you can use extension add-on which is capable of instructing as well as forcing the Firefox to open new tab for your book, links. The name of this plug-in is, and Tab Mix Plus.

Tab Mix Plus provides some of the most advanced tab management options. It includes capacity to turn on as well as it enables to open bookmarked links to be opened in new tab. All you have to do is downloading and install the appropriate Tab Mix Plus according to the version of your browser.



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