Object Dock is a docking program for helping users in organizing shortcuts, programs and running tasks into a striking and cool animated Dock. The icons provided in Object Dock are quite trendy and the program has an astounding resemblance to Mac OSX dock application. This program enables the user to place shortcuts and programs into a “dock’ or a storing space which lets the users to be in command of the organization of their desktop and personal computer. This program gives the freedom to user to place the desktop icons and shortcuts where they need them. This ensures that the user will have the icons and shortcuts accessible when where and how they require them. This helps making the computer more serviceable, practical as well as more fun.

The latest version of this program has also arrived. This is the version 2.0 beta. In this version additional features have been included. These features are a wholly redone state of the art UI, symbol reflections, background blur-behind, easy-detachable tabs, system tray icon filtering and loads of other new additions.

The program is available at the website in two versions. There are both free as well as paid versions of the program and the paid version offering more features. It works well with Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003 and Windows 2000.

The Object Dock helps you improves both efficiency and organization of your desktop by letting you set up custom animated docks. Certain other features available in various versions of this program are an effortless shortcut organizer, support drag and drop, auto hide and “keep in background” modes etc this program is of a pretty small size and thus does not hog system resources. It can also support manifold languages. Various plugins available on the interent may be used to enhance the functionality of the program.

[ Download ObjectDock For Free ]


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