Now creating shortcuts, accessing programs and operating tasks can be fun and enthralling with the use of a multi-utility application, ObjectDock. ObjectDock is a user driven online application designed to organize your programs and shortcuts into funny and entertaining Dock. This application hands over the control of the system’s desktop to the user thereby giving him the access to organize his desktop according to his preference. This is one of the most effective tools to replace your mundane looking Windows Taskbar with an animated and colorful dock.

Via this tool, your desktop displays the icons of the programs that are in use by the user. And, hold on to the quick launch icons for your most used programs saves as favorites. ObjectDock makes your search for a particular program streamlined. When you place the cursor over a particular icon or program located on the desktop, this application analyzes its information details including content, date of generation, format etc which immensely helps you to find the right program, especially when you are running numerous programs at a time.

An illustrative clock, one of the striking features of ObjectDock, keeps you updated on the time and date. This application is available with myriad number of skins which allows you to change the skin of your dock as and when you get bored of the existing one. One of the most important user-utility driven features that make this application a popular use is speed adjustment feature. This feature automatically reduces the speed of the animation when it detects the slow speed of the system.

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