Most of us do not know this but an ordinary deleting of files just removes the files from your system in system in such a way that they are simply invisible not completely destroyed. So each time you press delete or Shift and delete on your PC all that your system does is hide the data and make the space writable. Moreover the data is still retained on your hard drive and can be reconstructed easily with a good data recovery tool. In order to swipe away all your data and destroy all your sensitive information such as industrial secrets or unwanted content for good, you need to use a good Eraser tool or a shredder as it is more commonly referred to.

A new eraser tool available in the market is Freerase. This freeware provided by Codyssey opts for a novel approach for wiping off your data for good with simply a click of the button. All you have to do is drag and drop all your secret unwanted files into the virtual bio hazard barrel located on your desktop. Freeraser now shreds this information by overwriting the original content with random information. This makes it impossible for the file recovery tools to access the information.

Moreover this tool also provides you an option for choosing from three levels of file deletion. The Fast option allows a single overwrite of random data, Forced the slow mode will do three rounds of DoD approved overwrites, and Ultimate will do a 35 round Gutmann Pass. Once your files are deleted, there is no way to reconstruct it as the information is changed to random data. This freeware tool is useful for Windows only. Available for Windows XP, 2000, Vista and NT, the new version supports multi language softwareand is highly recommended for everyday use.

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