Brief Information on Personalizing Your Google Calendar

In modern day life, calendar is the most important tool for managing our appointments, meeting and other events. Google calendar is one such tool with various options, which can also be personalized. Below are the few tips for making maximum out of Google calendar.

Manage Calendar View

Calendar view is one of the very important aspects as it provides a brief overview all the scheduled activities. We may set the view as a single day view or a weekly view or monthly view. Having a monthly view of a calendar is useful as we would have the good overview of all the activities of the entire month. To set monthly view as the default view of the calendar, we may have to click on “Settings” and select the “General” at the top and from the drop down menu next to “Default View” we may select “Month” and click on save.

Sharing And Privacy

Privacy of our calendar is one of the other important aspects as we may not like to share our appointments and events with unknown people. However, we may want our close friends to have a look at our calendar for scheduling events. For this purpose, we may share our calendar and still hide from unknown people.

To do this, we may have to select “Share this calendar” under “My calendar” and uncheck Make this calendar public”. Under “Share with specific people” option, we may list all the names with whom we may wish to share our calendar.

Is spite of sharing our calendar only with our friends, sometimes, we may want to hide few of the events from few of our friends, which may not be relevant to them. We may ensure the privacy of each event by selecting the event and editing the event details. This prevents others from viewing the private event.

Other Advantages

Google calendar provides on of the useful gadgets – Weather forecast. We may view weather forecast for four days. For activating the weather report on the calendar, we may have to go to settings and mention our city, state and zip code. The temperature would be shown either Fahrenheit or in Celsius. This option helps us in scheduling the events based on the weather forecast.

Public Calendars

There are few public calendars such as calendar for sports events, TV shows, movie releases or calendars of celebrities. We may add these calendars to our calendar to have a close watch on the respective schedules. By doing this, we would never miss the birthdays of our favorite celebrities. We may keep tabs on the all the events from Olympics to my most waited movie release.


Shortcuts are, of course, very important things we must know. This would help us to perform our activities better and faster. In Google calendar, we can use “C” for creating a new event, “M” for monthly view, “W” for weekly view, “D” for day’s view. Isn’t this a very easy thing to take overview of a day, week and a month? We can find many more shortcut keys at Google help centre.

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