How To Play Lyrics Of Songs In My Music Player ?

MiniLyrics : Displays song lyrics in your favourite Media Player

MiniLyrics is a third party tool which provides you with the song lyrics no matter in which media player you run the song. Check out the reasons for having this tool in your pc:

  • It is a freeware/ shareware. You can have unlimited free trials before you purchase the product
  • It gets installed in your machine in no time. Fast installing capability
  • It supports almost all kind of Music player
  • It works for almost all kind of songs. It is not necessary to run English songs to avail this feature, you can also play local language songs and you will get the lyrics of them too

The music players that MiniLyrics supports are mentioned below:

Windows Media Player Real player
Foobar 2000
QCD Player
Jet Audio
BS Player
Yahoo! Music Jukebox
VLC Media Player
And lots more….

It is highly recommended to download the MiniLyrics and to enjoy the songs much better. If there is any the music file of which the wordings are unclear, it will solve that problem.

[Download Minilyrics]

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