With rapid growth in technology, internet is now accessible almost anywhere and by everyone. And with all the “free” information that’s made available these days, the number of users surfing for information is drastically increasing every day. This opens up wide range of possibilities for all those sneaky marketers / companies which put spyware and adware on your system, which help them by collecting all your valuable personal information.

If you suspect your PC’s performance has dropped, then mostly your system has been a victim of spyware or adware. These illicit software will not only slow down your system, but also collect your information like credit card details, SSN and such and send it back to who ever is created them. That’s what they are programmed to do!

The number of spyware and adware are increasing daily and it is difficult to match pace with them. As they say, ‘Prevention is better than cure’, you as an user have to be careful when you visit any site or when you are downloading anything from an untrusted source and should be extremely careful if you surf porn !!

Once installed on system it’s really annoying process to get rid of them as the user will not be successfully be able to do it with one program, but will need a combination of software to get rid of them. And these days there are so many spyware and adware removal software that you pretty much are left confused with no idea which one to choose!

I have listed some of my favorite Adware and Spyware removal tools, which you can download and use if you suspect your system is affected by any :

1> Trend Micro’s HijackThis is one of the best spyware or adware removal tool you’ll get in market today. It’s free and gives you a clear picture of what possibly is wrong with your system

2> McAfee’s Rookit Detective is another software which is highly recommended, which detects and cures rootkits on your system.

3> Then there is SpywareBlaster, often less discussed but one of the powerful software which is a must if you feel your system is affected.

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