Remove Restriction tool is a set of potent tools that analyzes, removes and then re-activates the operations and files disabled by virus. By fixing all the operations, it disables the effect of the virus and hands over the control of your system to you. A virus predominantly makes changes to the system restrictions and hides itself to escape detection.

These restrictions, usually include, disable folder options, so that the user can not view all the folders and files that are hidden. Another system restriction is disable registry tool so that the users do not get to know the changes in the startup system. And, last system restriction is disabling the operation of Ctrl + Alt + Del, so that the users do not get updated with the files and applications that are running.

RRT (Remove Restriction tool) is also popularly used by the users to check further virus coming from an infected movable device like pen drive, CD, DVD at al.  As observed that the main cause of the spread of malware are virus infected removable media devices, especially flash disks, RRT has been specially designed to counter further destruction by virus in your computer. RRT tool is equipped with blocking, removing and monitoring functions that remove malware.

Loaded with AutoRemove, RRT will monitor the entire system and check if any flash disk has been inserted into the USB port. In case, this tool detects virus, within a span of milliseconds it will block and remove the virus out of your system.

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