Optical Character Recognition, better known as OCR is that arena in computer science that involves the reading of text from a paper and then translating it in codes that can be manipulated by a system. This open source software is released by Google.

With this tool, you can easily feed you entire book or a magazine into a code oriented electronic computer file. You can later edit the file on Microsoft Word Processor.

Most of the OCR systems are accompanied by Optical Scanner. This scanner scans the alphabets as well the images in the book. Then, the inbuilt combination of a specialized software and hardware, the OCR recognizes the characters and saves them into the machine-editable-text. It is one of the most used technologies in libraries and government institutions. It promptly scans lengthy texts and makes it available electronically.

Before activating the OCR, the user must scan the document/ book with the help of an Optical Scanner. This will help your system read the text in the bitmap format. Then the inbuilt software in the application should be activated to recognize the images. This helps the system to differentiate between the image and the text. The OCR system also has the capacity to recognize the light and dark colored alphabets in the text.

This software is available for free download. It has an easy to use interface that can be easily accessed by users. You can use this software to scan and save pages in Adobe PDF format, fax documents, and Tiff format.

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