The competition among web based email providers is very stiff. Some of the main contenders are GMail, Ymail, Hotmail. To stay on top, each one of them are providing many features and facilities.

When I generally compared some of the most pertinent features that I’d look for in a web based email service provider, Hotmail lacked in one major section and that is it’s support for POP3 or IMAP and SMPT server access.

However, Microsoft seems to have thought out well. They have anticipated the shortcomings that might creep up by various providers and have come up with the option of desktop e-mail client support, where you can download all the files on to your system by channeling a connection between Microsoft’s Outlook and then use the offline browsing facility to read the mails later on.

Now the question is, how will you read mails from Hotmail in Outlook 2007. That’s where this post comes handy, it’ll help you add Hotmail to your Outlook 2007.


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