I finally found a solution to Rearrange / reorganize the videos in Youtube Playlists. This one was driving me crazy I had to find a solution to move around the order of videos in YouTube Playlists.

Imagine I create a new playlist, I’d go on adding videos to that playlist and when done, there was no easy way to rearrange or reorganize the order of the videos! I could not find an easy and direct way to do this. Now YouTube, don’t expect me to write down the order of the list on a piece of paper and completely rework on a fresh playlist !

Imagine another scenario where in you have a huge list of your favorite songs (say you have around 100+ videos) in a particular order and want to rearrange or reorganize or replace a video in that list, for what ever reason, imagine reworking or recreating the complete list from start – it would be such painful task !

It turns out YouTube has an extremely simple and easy way to do it, which is not well documented. Here’s how you can rearrange or reorganize the order of videos in YouTube :

1> Go to your Playlist page,

2> When you are in there, each video has a position number, starting with 1. If you point your mouse on the position number, a small blue line will appear underneath the number (like you can see 1st video is underlined in the example image below), click on it.

How To Rearrange / Reorganize Video Order In YouTube Playlists

3> The position place will become an editable text field, where you can enter which position you want to push the video to.

In the example below, I want to move the video at position 3, to position 1, so I enter number 1 and the videos swap positions. So the videos in position 1 and 3 will swap positions, and the playlist is saved automatically.

How To Rearrange / Reorganize Video Order In YouTube Playlists

That’s it, now you can rearrange all the videos the way you want ! it’s that simple.

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  1. Thanks….
    the steps worked fine but its a round about where drag and drop is very common and its very easy and less time consumig. Hope something has to be made so its made easy.


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