Have we not all wanted at one time or the other that the handheld devices like cell phones, Ipods and Iphones could be recharged while we are on the move. Many a times during our morning or evening walks when our i-pods battery has discharged, we all have felt utterly frustrated.

Now Tremont electric has come up with nPower which is a vibration harvesting technology capable of producing energy from walking, riding on a bicycle etc. The first commercial product utilizing this pioneering concept is the nPower PEG (Personal Energy Generator), which is a tiny and lightweight electrical generator which can generate power for handheld electronic devices from a person’s movements.

The kinetic energy generated from the movement during walking or running is transferred to electric power through the Power PEG. This electric energy is then transferred to the hand held devices through a standard USB 2.0 connector. Since the Power PG is capable of charging handheld mobile electronic devices at the same rate as the normal wall chargers, around 80% charge can be reached simply with an hour of walking throughout the day.

The nPower PEG is a highly versatile device capable of charging over 90% of handheld electronics including cell phones, mp3 players, digital cameras, gaming devices, and GPS including the iPhone/iPod, Blackberry, LG Chocolate, Palm Treo, Nintendo DS Lite, Megellan GPS and some specific mobile phones from Nokia, Samsung, Sanyo and Sony.

The user may choose to carry it any way he or she wants and need not necessarily wear it. The really amazing feature of Power PG is that it is also competent to generate energy by simply being placed in a moving bus or vehicle .It does not have a battery and thus is incapable of storing any kinetic energy for later use.

It is around 9 inches tall with the top and bottom cylinders with an one inch diameter and the central cylinder having a diameter of 1.5 inches. It weighs around 9 oz. and does not require any DC inputs and is made up of environmentally friendly components such as aluminum and recycled ABS material.



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