Record Your Favorite TV Content with PPRecorder

For those of you who use P2PTV software, PPRecorder might be a useful tool to have in your hand. P2PTV software typically lets you view streaming TV content on your PC. However, it is impossible that you find the time to view all of your favorites every time – be it movies, TV shows, dramas, music, or sports. Hence, a recording application that will record your shows for you while you are doing something else can be of immense help.

With the PPRecorder, you record P2P TV programs and channel content with ease and save them as regular audio/video files. The PPRecorder supports almost all of the top P2P TV channels – such as PPStream, PPMate, SopCast, Uusee, QQLive, etc. (TV Ants support is not there yet). Moreover, the PPRecorder supports the P2P TV content in both Windows Media based and Real Media based formats.

A Summary of PPRecorder Features

  • Record live streaming channels from your P2PTV application.
  • Handy scheduler to enable recording at a pre-set time.
  • Category manager.
  • Automatic shutdown feature after all recordings are done.
  • Recording of multiple P2PTV streams simultaneously.
  • Recording of Windows Media, as well as Real Media streaming formats.
  • Disk space monitoring for your convenience.
  • Support of multiple languages.

Installing/Using PPRecorder

You can download PPRecorder v1.8 from here. After installing, simply run your P2PTV Player, run PPRecorder, and double-click on your favorite channel to start the recording. PPRecorder comes at $29.95, and a free shareware trial version can be downloaded from here.


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