CRW Repair is a special data recovery tool that recovers corrupted Canon Raw photo files. After recovering the damaged files, you can further edit them to normalize their appearance. CRW is one of the most preferred photo formats used today. This format allows users to make alterations much more than allowed by other formats like TIFF et al. CRW files are typically hard to recover after damage. However, with the help of this repair tool, you can practically recover the entire damaged file.

With this tool, you can restore the original size of the file that existed before corruption. This means that you can access the benefit of a CRW file even after subjecting it to repair process. Further, the tool features a preview window. This window helps you to test if the file you are recovering is the correct one or not. This makes your job easier if you have multiple damaged CRW files on the list.

This application has a straightforward interface. All you need to do is just launch the program and select the damaged file. The tool will then initiate the recovery process and display the preview of the recovered file. If the recovered file is correct, then click on the ‘Save’ button. On clicking the Save button, a new and clean copy of the damaged file will get saved to your hard drive or the desired storage location. Further, this tool has the capacity to recover JPEG files as well. You can also access the editing features of this tool to edit the JPEG file.

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