Recover lost/damaged data from unreadable disks with CD Recovery Toolbox

Most of us have the habit of writing stuff to DVDs (it used to CDs at one time) once our hard disks start clogging up. This can be part of our music and movie collection, sensitive documentation, and other thins – things we do not want to lose. However, DVDs and CDs are not that reliable and get scratched easily. All of us know how a movie refuses to play on the PC – and how sometimes the PC does not even read the DVD/CD.

The CD Recovery Toolbox is the software that can come to your rescue in these situations. This application has been designed to recover lost and damaged data from storage media such as CDs, DVDs, Blurays, and the like. It lets you read and access data when most PCs would ditch the disk as unreadable.

The application has a simple and easy-to-use interface that works as an installation wizard most of the time – guiding you through each step of the recovery process. First, it scans the damaged sick for data and free space. Then, it lists out all of the files that can be potentially recovered from the ‘unreadable’ disk. You can then pick and choose from this list and tell it to recover the files that you wish to salvage.

A great feature of this tool is that it can recover files that are larger than even 4GB – this makes it possible to recover entire movies from DVDs. Also, it can also detect free space on your hard disk and displays if there is enough space to store the recovered files.

The best part is that this amazing tool is absolutely free – and works on all Windows platforms. You can download it from here. However, keep in mind that even this tool cannot guarantee hundred percent data recovery – as that depends on the extent of damage to the disk.


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