ZAR is an excellent recovery tool for accidentally deleted photos from any digital camera. This tool is ideal for retrieving corrupted or damaged pictures from the memory card of a digital camera. This tool is not imposed with any limitations on its digital recovery mode. It is the perfect aid in urgencies when you accidentally delete the pictures from your camera before transferring them to your system. Further, it can be used to recover the loss when the memory card gets accidentally formatted. You can easily retrieve your pictures even if they were not copied to the PC. In the third case, this tool can be used when your picture becomes inaccessible due to the corruption or damage of your camera.

ZAR allows you to recover your images with the help of six easy to follow steps. First and foremost, you need to install the files of this application on your system. Then run the application. You will then be displayed with a window “Select Processing Mode”. Select the option, “Recover images from a digital camera memory card”. Further, click on Next and open the option “Select Physical Device”. Fill the Model and Capacity fields to help the tool identify your device. After selecting the device, click on the option photo recovery.

Once the recovery process is over, you will be displayed with a window, “Mark files to recover”. In this option you need to simply choose the files you want to recover. This simple tool supports FAT32, FAT16, and NTFS.

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