How To Recover Documents That I Lost Because Of Computer Crash ?

Computer crashes are so common these days. Microsoft knows this and hence they have a new Office XP feature that relates to document recovery when your computer crashes.

At times the Office application you are working on may lock up and close or your system might experience a complete computer crash, and when ever that happens a Special Recovery pane opens the next time you start the application.

This Recovery pane lists all the documents that were open in a particular application when the crash occurred.

Only the last saved version (Microsoft has an inbuilt feature where in it will auto save documents at regular interval) of a particular document, workbook, database, or presentation opens in the Recovery pane, but you can quickly reopen it in the particular application by clicking the document’s name.

The Recovery pane is meant to get you back up and working on a particular document as soon as you restart your system and open the application that you were working with.

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