After installing Windows Vista SP1 on your computers, you might have observed a considerable reduction of free space in the hard drive.

This is because there are various older versions and unnecessary components of Vista files in the hard drive that Service Pack 1 installer will not remove. It serves as some kind of backup system if you require the files later, especially if you choose to uninstall SP1 from your system.

However, if you are satisfied with the performance of SP1, and if you’re certain that you will not uninstall it, you may consider removal of several MBs of backup files, and retrieve the precious disk space. You will be able to recover about 600-800 MB of disk space.

There is a simple and efficient technique to retrieve and reuse the lost space that is utilized by the unused temporary Vista Service Pack 1 files. This is done by using Windows Vista System Junk Cleaner. It is a neat system utility with commands to swiftly and effortlessly clean and optimize your hard disk from temporary internet files, the Internet Explorer Cookies and Cache folders, and various other unused files.

The Vista Junk Cleaner is completely free from spyware and adware. You can Download Windows Vista Junk Cleaner as the zip folder. After the downloading is completed, you will need to extract the zip archive, and run the VistaSystemJunkCleaner.bat file.

Running the .bat script will immediately delete the redundant Vista files. Windows Vista System Junk Cleaner is able to perform the task of reclaiming the hard disk space perfectly, and you could even recover a few GBs with just a click and almost instantly.


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