Resetting WordPress password can also be done by the administrator from MYSQL Database, where all the users data is saved.

In my previous post, I wrote how wordpress admin / users can recover their lost passwords using ‘Lost your Password’ option available on the login page.

In this post we shall see how we can reset / recover wordpress password directly from the database using phpMyAdmin.

Resetting the WordPress user passwords is very easy from the wp_users table by using the admin account. Please be reminded that the below mentioned procedure will work only on the WordPress 2.0 and the ones that were released after that.

To change the password, the administer will need to login to phpMyAdmin, and connect to the MySQL database. Once logged in, you should be able to find the wp_users table option which is normally found in the last row.

Here under the action column, you will need to click on the browse icon for wp_users table. You need to locate the user for which you want to reset the password, and you will need to click on the edit icon.

Under the User_pass field, you will need to delete the existing encrypted entry and replace it with a new password. Please be reminded that the password will be case sensitive.

Under the functions column, you will need to select MD5 for the pull down menu and then click on GO. The new user password will be saved now.


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