Minimem is a freeware utility tool specially designed to reduce the memory usage of any program / application saved in the system. It efficiently optimizes the memory usage for programs and applications by running silently at the background and remaining at the system tray. You can now easily reduce the memory footprints of applications with the intuitive features of this application. Users can now run as many processes and applications they wish at the same time, without the fear of hampering their system’s speed.

The online sphere is today bombarded with countless free memory optimization tools. Among the crowd of many, Minimem stands apart for its unique provisions of allowing users to gain full control of their applications. This application lets you decide which and how many applications to optimize. The basic function of this application is to eliminate as many unnecessary memory pages as possible from the selected program. It conducts a scan to eliminate redundant memory occupying pages in processes at short intervals.

One of the striking features of this application is that it is absolutely non-intrusive as it functions from the background. Its easy-to-use interface makes it extremely usable by both experienced and novice users. You do not have to be a computer wizard or a professional to master over this application. Further, it makes your old systems extremely compatible with modern programs and applications. With this application you can easily run heavy applications saved in your system at the same time by considerably reducing their memory occupancy / footprints.

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