Getting mails from unwanted sources, about unwanted things, which you never requested for…wondering how you getting these mails ? SPAM, that’s what these mails are and you are being SPAMMED 🙂 .. aarrgh what did you do get spammed ? Well you don’t really need to do anything .. It is almost  quite an automatic process.

There are these so called BOTs which pick emails from various sources and pound those mails with SPAM, most of the SPAM mails are commercial, requesting you to buy some cheap stuff or driving you to a website from where you can download heap loads of Viruses and Trojans on to your system.

Wondering how to fight these SPAMs ? Not definitely an easy task. Firstly, I’d recommend prevent bullying your self from the SPAMMERs, do not leave your mail ID in public forums, or contact notes, Do not use it as signatures in any Public discussion boards. The SPAM bots are well trained to pick all these sort of places. Next do not register yourself with sites you have no idea whose behind ’em. And certainly if possible, avoid Hacked or PORN stuff. This should pretty much easy ways to keep SPAM off your Inbox.

Next, most of the mail providers ensure they combat SPAM up to a large extent. I’ve been happy with GMAIL so far and Yahoo too has improved on their SPAM Flagging capabilities. If the SPAM fights all through this and ends in your box, you can simply hit the SPAM button, which will ensure the id/IP which you got the mail from gets listed on the mail providers service, helping them build a better SPAM fighter engine.

Well a popular blog recently mentioned about a report which said e-mail ids starting with A get 15% more spam when compared to those starting with ‘Z’. Doesn’t make sense, firstly, why would anyone be worried about spam even before I open a mail id, and next concern is, lets say that my name starts with A and I already have a mail id, after reading the statistics, does the author expect me to change my mail id ?? 🙂 ..

My explanation for that is, there are fewer people whose name starts with ‘Z’ than those whose name starts with ‘A’ ;), provided the statistics is a credible one :).



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