How To Reinstall Teamviewer After It Has Expired ?

One common mistake most people commit while installing Teamviewer on their system is that, they forget to select the option ‘For Personal Use’ and instead install with the default option ‘For Commercial Use’. As a result teamviewer stops functioning after a couple of days from installation. Even though you are genuinely using it for personal use you’ll no longer be able to use Teamviewer.

Here’s a solution to fix this problem :

1> First uninstall the copy of Teamviewer from your system. This can be done with free uninstallers or by using Window’s default ‘Add or remove‘ program which can be found at: ‘Start’ –> ‘Settings’ –> ‘Control Panel’

2> Click on Start –> Run –> type %appdata% –> delete TeamViewer folder and also delete “C:\\Program Files\\Teamviewer

3> Delete registry folder: hkcu/software/teamviewer and hklm/software/teamviewer

4> Refer to this tutorial to change the MAC Address:

5> Clean your systems registry – you can use a free registry cleaner for this purpose-

6> Once you have completely wiped out Teamviewer out of your system – install a fresh copy of Teamviewer. Ensure you select the option ‘Personal Use’ (I’m assuming that you are playing fair here) !

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  • ahahahndreew

    Working on Windows XP
    NOT working on Windows 7 64bit

  • asd

    Do you happen to know how could this be done under 10.6?
    cannot even change my mac address under 10.6.3

  • Ron Callan

    Does anyone know how to re-install but with personal use only on a MAC.

    I have tried to remove the app and delete com.teamviewer.settings.plist file. Then re-install, but it still comes up pre-configured and I am not able to control the desktop from a remote site. What am I missing.

  • pacho_686

    one time but the second time don´t work whta happen

  • Calvin

    Hi, how to do the step 3? Where should I go to delete the reg folder?

    3> Delete registry folder: hkcu/software/teamviewer and hklm/software/teamviewer

  • You can do step 3 by doing the following:
    Start – Run – type “regedit” and browse to the location Hkey Local User / Software / Teamviewer and then delete the folder.

    I Did this tutorial without changing the mac on Windows 7 Professional. And it worked perfectly :)

    Thank you very much!

  • How can i remove expired teamviewer in windows vista

  • Jason

    i guess these noobs didn’t follow the instruction. it is worked for me on Windows 7 Ultimate x64. I guess i installed personal only and business that cause trial being expired.

  • working at windows 7?

  • Mohamed

    Thank you it work for me (Windows Server 2008 64bit)

  • Muaz

    Thanks for this tip.
    It works fine.

  • Muaz

    click start –> run –> click on edit –> scroll down to find( look for Team Viewer)press F3 for going next on the search(once you have deleted all that says Team Viewer, search for TV ,and delete everything that has TV(in the beginning). :)Just hope you don’t any wrong file.After that just reinstall TV you will have a new ID and 7days connection(If you installing Trial Version). Trial vision gives you unlimited connection time 😀

  • all you have to do is request an extension of the trial, choose free for personal use and thats it

  • dude

    Hahaha that was much easier then going tru all those steps.

  • chamika

    — check this path (windows vista) and delete this folder (use unlocker software) then delete registry ,restart and install (don’t select run when installing)

  • I am truly desperate because someone instaled the professional teamvier in my computer. I will try these steps tomorrow. Please find a low fee for private non profit associations ( connected to universities – Research and Development). We want to contribute but we can’t pay these fees. Kind regards. Maria

  • Anoop

    Not working in windows server 2003…After reinstalling Teamviewr, Again display the message “trail version expired”…pls help me..

  • divya

    Hi its not working in windows 2003, it showing server only consider commercial perpose , so how can i change that plz help me

  • afroz

    thanks a ton

  • rawa

    Please i hv windows 7 professional but still popup that expired :( plz help

  • I found a regkey, LicenseType, 10000 value, its the Free Version, 34000 value, its the paid or corporate version… but every time I change it, its comes back to 10000… i don’t know the way to change it..


  • Raj Tiwari

    hi thnx for the solution….its working

  • Lalit

    its not working and showing the same masge in window xp

  • Fabio

    Hi guys,
    this guide is not valid for TeamViewer 8.
    The Teamviewer remote server version 8 seems check user pubblic IP. If is it static is not possible bypass this problem. This is only my idea.
    Unfortunately seem the unique way is the crack, but is not a good idea. I use Ammyy Admin now, but is not good as TeamViewer.

  • Gopinath

    Dear all,

    am using Team Viewer in windows 7 inside a virtualbox..if expires simply change the virtual pcs MAC address thats all….

  • vamshi

    I am using win8.Please help to reinstall team viewer after its trail version got expired.i am teamviewer9

  • Randy

    Work for me, thank you

  • Glad it did. Cheers !

  • Payal

    Not working on Windows Server 2008. Please help me out

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