Some time back, had spread its vicious wings and I constantly heard webmasters complaining that their wordpress theme files were disrupted. It was later learnt that goooogleadsence spread via the desktop software downloaded through the internet or any exe virus.


It is wrong to think that Goooogleadsence is in any way connected with the advertising program Google Adsense. This is a virus that turns your home page absolutely blank after a few days. When your computer is affected with this virus, the Google search results will also read “This Sits Is Trouble To Your Computer,” and a very-bad-to-handle situation, which no one would enjoy seeing.

Goooogle Adsence has its own code which can be recognized as:-

<iframe src=…….width=1height-1style-“visibility:hidden;position:absolute “>\</iframe>

It does not require a genius to recognize that this is a virus entering into your system and you need to do something about it.

Some of the solutions where in you can remove or atleast try to remove completely from your wordpress theme files:

Thanks to the writer of this article, for it was he who detected the virus on his computer, tried all methods and was able to provide us with few helpful tips. He first deleted all the web theme files, uploaded them all again and began afresh, but in vain, the virus re-appeared in due time. He then tried to erase the code manually, but realized that the virus was already transferred to other files too. Later, after his trials and errors, he provided us with few ideas about how to avoid this problem, on a permanent basis. You can always get back to him if none of the ideas work for you.

STRAY Iframe Blocker:

This plugin works like magic! Download it, and run it through your files,Lo! Your virus has vanished! Now that is news, is it not? You can even try wordpress antivirus plugin.

How About checking your PC for Viruses ?

The most important task one should take care of is to scan your computer as often as possible so that you can keep it free from any exe virus. On deleting a virus, see that you get rid of it forever, or else there are chances of it appearing again.


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