Recently I got myself an iPod Classic 160 gigs. I transfered all of my music on to the iPod and then realised that I can’t scrobble songs from my iPod to my page from within iTunes.

That’s when I found this pretty neat tool called jscrob2 plugin for iTunes (I have uploaded the file here too just in case the link does not work) on the discussion pages of

The setup was pretty simple and straight through.After the install and activating the plugin within iTunes by going to the View -> Visualiser and selecting jscrob2 plugin.Now select the options in the View -> Visualiser and supply your username and password. Check Enable Scrobbling.

Additionally you can also check the options for some configuration details.

Once selected this plugin will send all your data to the servers. And the tracks will show up on your dashboard and your recently played list on your user page.

So go ahead and scrobble! 🙂

Note :-

  • There is another option of using the official plugin called iScrobbler to scrobble songs. But iScrobller works only for iPods that have been set to automatic sync with iTunes.
  • This software is possibly a beta or a user developed software. So limited or no support may be expected. Although I shall try to resolve any queries as far as possible with my knowledge.


  1. Hi,
    My comp broke down a few months ago and with only the ipod-songs i listen the last 2 weeks will be scobbled. will the others from longer ago also be scrobbled with this program? And do you have to synchronize your ipod before the music wilol be scrobbled? I hope you can awnser those questions


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