Have you faced trouble from the red / black border that is attached to all the mages that you capture using the Snipping Tool of Windows Vista? Most Vista users complain of the border around the screenshot, snipped image or picture of the selected area that appear with the Snipping Tool. The problem is further aggravated by the fact that you cannot remove the border by cutting it off and neither can you rub it off using an Eraser tool of any of the typical image editing softwares.

However, it will ease your heart to know that this problem is not a system error – on the other hand, it is simply a setting in the Snipping Tool that attaches a border to all its ‘snipped’ images. This feature can be easily disabled and/or altered.

To switch off this border-adding feature –

1> first click on the Options button around the captured image after snipping, or click on menu item: Tools -> Options.

2> Now, in the Options dialog, go to the Selection section, and unselect / uncheck the Show selection ink after snips are captured option, and

3> Then click on the OK tab. There, your problem is solved.

(If, at some point, you want borders in your screenshots, simply check the setting in the affirmative again.)

Lastly, as you would have already seen from the Options dialog, you can also change the color of the border as per your choice. Thus, if you are fond of borders, you can choose one from a range of colors that are there in a drop-down tab in the Options dialog.


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