Skype Add-Ons are not useful for everyone. I recently figured that there was no easy way to remove it from your system, if installed. The Skype Add-Ons were slowing down and degrading the performance of Internet Explorer, as it would take extra time to load all the extra buttons. This was an overkill as I had no use from those buttons.

I tried removing them through control panel, but it was of no use. I found out, that instead of trying to delete them, we could disable them, which was very easy (and can be enabled if required later on).

Here’s step-by-step procedure to disable the Skype Add-Ons in Internet Explorer :

1> Open Internet Explorer and click on Tools

2> Select Manage Add-ons

3> You’ll see Enable or Disable Add-ons

4> Select Skype and select Disable

5> Select OK and close Internet Explorer

6> Restart your computer.

This will prevent Internet Explorer from crashing or slowing down and improve performance of your Internet Explorer. This will also help your get rid of the Skype logo next to any telephone number within Internet Explorer.

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  1. @Les – Less likely that Skype is causing the problem. But since you are experiencing it, best solution I can think of is, uninstall skype completely from your system, find all traces and ensure it is not there on your system. Download the latest version of skype and install it in different folder than before. Let me know if the problem still persists.

  2. I am running Windows 7 with IE8. I had Skype installed and working until I had to reinstall Windows7 due to a freeware program that caused many problems due to a suspected virus embedded it it.After reinstalling W7 it worked fine, until I reinstalled Skype. After that if I attempted to start Skype it would not start and shut off my internet connection. If I rebooted and did not start Skype everything worked, so I unistalled Skype and everything is working fine. I would like to use Skype but am afraid to try it again. Any suggestion?


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