How-to remove Winfixer, Virtumonde, Msevents, and Trojan.vundo (ATLDistrib Object)

At times I use BlogPatrol to monitor my blogs statistic. I find it quite good as it provides some awfully helpful tracking stats like real-time site statistics, reports, graphs and for example. Few days ago when I went to BlogPatrol to test my Internet statistics, there was an awful popup with a notice as below :

NOTICE : If your PC has blunders in the registry database of file system, it may cause unpredictable or inconsistent behavior, freezes and crashes.  Fixing these blunders can increase your personal computer’s performance and stop info loss. Do you want to install WinFixer 2005 to check on your personal computer for free? ( Recommended ) there’s an OK and Cancel button.

I realized that there’s a tiny Web Explorer browser being opened at the below right corner of my screen. I think this is the window which has the codes to popup the Notice above. After having a look at the popup carefully, it was evident that it was some type of spyware named WinFixer. I clicked on Cancel button and I believed it should leave and not bother me any more but I was wrong! Another window poped up and showing me an animation of scanning through my PC’s registry, shortcuts and hard-drive for mistakes and believe it or not, it asserts the free scan has found 42 System Mistakes .

I was really not OK with this and tried closing the window again. Another spotted popup again and it says :

NOTICE : you’ve not finished the mistakes scan. If your personal computer has blunders in file system or Windows registry, it might cause unpredictable or haphazard Computer behavior, freezes, crashes and loss of info. You must install WinFixer 2005 to scan for and, if found, fix system blunders now ( Advised )?

Looked like this WinFixer spyware wasn’t ready to give up conning me. I clicked on Cancel button and as expected there was another popup saying : WinFixer 2005 will scan your system for blunders now.

Please select RUN or OPEN when inspired to start the installation. This file has been digitally signed and independently authorized as one hundred pc freed from viruses, adware and spyware. Was I left with any choice at all ? With no other alternative I clicked OK button. Now it eventually prompt me if to download WinFixer. I cancelled everything and ultimately no more popup. As you can see, if you accidently selected the incorrect selection, WinFixer may have just installed on your PC. I have got infected by WinFixer before and trust me, it is a pain in the a$$. I tried cleaning it with Spybot Search & Destroy along with Ad-Aware but could not clean it 100 pc. I found the two strategies below to get rid of Winfixer, Virtumonde, Msevents, and Trojan.vundo ( ATLDistrib Object ) and it works efficiently.

Please download VundoFix.exe to your desktop. Double-click VundoFix.exe to run it. Put a check next to Run VundoFix as a task. You will get a message saying vundofix will close and re-open in a minute or less. Click OK When VundoFix re-opens, push the Scan for Vundo button. Once it’s done scanning, push the Remove Vundo button. You will get a prompt asking if you would like to get rid of the files, click YES when you click yes, your desktop will go blank as it starts removing Vundo. When finished, it will prompt that it’ll shutdown your personal computer, click OK. Turn your PC back on. Alternate fix : ( use only if the above fix did not work )

Please download VirtumundoBegone to your desktop. Run VirtumundoBeGone.exe and follow the instructions. Don’t worry if you see a BLUE SCREEN Lethal Blunder Message, this is normal and anticipated. When it has finished, reboot. Hope your personal computer is free from WinFixer Virtumonde, Msevents, and Trojan.vundo ( ATLDistrib Object ) after scanning and cleaning using the techniques above.

[Download VundoFix]

[Download VirtumundoBegone]


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