Have you ever been in a situation where you have a lot of tabs open and you are closing each tab after you read the content in it. A typical scenario if you are looking for classified listings / shopping / Opening multiple search results in Google or Yahoo and many other situations.

I normally hang around in forums, eBay, Amazon, YouTube, Online shopping portals and similar such sites, where I open a lot of tabs at one go so that I can browse through them,one-by-one until I find then information I’m looking for.

Usually, I’m very careful when I’m about to close tabs, but at times I tend to close important tabs by mistake. Now that’s when the problem comes. Earlier, the only option was that I’d run the search query all over again to end up in the tab I had accidentally closed, which would have the information I’d be looking for.

But not any more, as Firefox team knows that this is an actual common problem which most users regularly hit upon and have a simple solution for this problem.

Here’s how you can reopen a recently closed tab in FireFox on Windows

Press Ctrl + Shift + T and it opens the most recently closed tab, if you press Ctrl + Shift + T again, it’ll open the tab closed before the most recently closed tab. So you can go on pressing Ctrl + Shift + T and it’ll reopen all closed tabs in the reverse order.

If you use MAC and closed a tab by mistake in FireFox, then you can recopen it by pressing : Cmd + Shift + T command.


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