DivFix++ is a freeware AVI Repair tool. This tool has been specially designed to rebuild the index area of the file in order to repair the AVI file. This is an immense utility tool which comes into aid when users view movies with no index part. Moreover, it is compatible with all the CLI tools. This allows users to repair, preview as well as delete movies directly with the help of the script. The best part of this tool is that it is supported by nearly all the Operating Systems.

With DivFix++, fixing your AVI video files becomes very simple. It has an intuitive graphical interface which can be easily operated by a novice user. In the fist step, you simply need to drop the broken, damaged AVI file into the Source or Input File List Window. Then, specify the path for the fixed AVI output. At last, click on Rebuild Index in order to initiate the repair work of the file.

The new version in DivFix++, version v0.33 has just hit the market. This version has the capacity to automatically update the files up for translation. It provides you with the recent updates on languages like Turkish, Russian and German. Further, with the help of this version you can repair the GUI visuals. You can also check up with the box bordering. Moreover, this version features resized borders to the dialog box. Both v0.32-svn and v0.33 versions of DivFix++ are available for free download. You do not need the installation of any second software to access this tool.

[ Download DivFix++ ]


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