Vista Shutdown Timer is a fine utility timer that helps you schedule the time for shutting down your windows. This free online application allows users to switch off their computer at their desired time and also cuts down on the volume to avoid disrupting you in case you are sleeping or involved in some other activity. With its easy to comprehend interface users can easily manipulate the shut-down features of this application at their scheduled time.

Apart from scheduling the shut-down of your windows, you can also direct time to restart, hibernate, log off or simply switch your computer to the stand by mode, via the means of this application. Vista Shutdown Timer has the capacity to optimize the predefined times within minutes and thus perform the scheduled functions precisely on time. This application is useful for those users who leave their system unattended with some data being downloaded. After analyzing the approximate time of the download to finish, you can schedule the shut down time of your system.

For the novice users, optimizing the means of this application for the first time would not seem an uphill task at all. As they would need to do is fix some minutes before their PC gets shutdown or turn into the stand by mode. In case, you are an avid music lover and are habitual to listening bedtime music, you can fix the time to fade out the volume of the music player at the time you get to sleep. This application supports Windows XP, Windows 2000 and Windows Vista. Vista Shutdown Timer is available for free and does not require any other program to access this application.

[ Download Vista Shutdown Timer ]

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