Integrating Office Suites with the Web using Transfz

With each passing day, we are becoming more and more linked to the internet for resources. How often has it been that you felt the need to look up something on the web while preparing an assignment, or a presentation, or a questionnaire? Transfz (which is pronounced as ‘transfuse’) integrates your office programs – such as documents, presentations, etc. – to the resources on the web like never before.

Here is a summary list of features of Transfz.

  1. Web Search: Selecting any text in your office programs (MS Word, PowerPoint, etc.) and then right-clicking on it (or pressing a specified hotkey alternatively) displays a context menu that contains a host of options. These include searching for the selected text on the web with search engine options such as Google, Wikipedia, etc.; looking up the thesaurus; searching in the dictionary; and many more.
  2. Text manipulations: Then there are the host of extensions that allow you to transform the selected text according to your need. The default extensions include changing of the text case, HTML insertions, and so on.
  3. Apart from the features listed above, the simple and modular design of Transfz is also a commendable feature. This application has a simple interface that integrates seamlessly with most office suites, and its functions are also arranged logically. All of this works for a great user experience in the end.
  4. The statistics option in Transfz allows you to keep track of the increase in your work efficiency in terms of time spent. This statistic will tell you how much time you saved by using Transfz instead of first opening your web browser, and then going to Google (say for example) and then searching the web.
  5. For advanced users, the best part is that Transfz is extendable in multiple languages (such as Visual basic, C++, Delphi, and so on) and the default extensions function as superb templates to start scripting your own personalized extension.

[ Download Transfz ]


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