You’ll find a menu bar when you open any Office application which gives you access to all the commands and features that particular application provides. Normally, the menu bar is found below the title bar of the application and it gets activated by selecting a particular menu choice. When the menu opens you’ have an array of command choices to select from, each performing a specific set of operation.

All the Office XP applications use something known as personalized menu system, which was initially introduced in Microsoft Office 2000. Personalized menu system ensures all the commands you use often are shown first hand and if you use any new command, the Office application is smart enough to add it to the menu list.

Here’s how you can add a new menu to list if in case you’ve not used it recently:

1. Click on the title of the menu – the application will list most recently used commands – hover the mouse pointer for a few seconds and the menu will expand and all commands will appear.

2. Select the command on the menu that you want to use, and this will invoke the particular feature.

At times you’ll find an ellipsis (…) next to a command in the menu, clicking on such commands will open a dialog box or a task pane. These boxes or panes will require the user to key in some additional information before the command can be used.

You’ll also find menus will arrows pointing to the right of the menu, these will bring out submenus or cascading menu which can be used the same way as main menu.


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