Change Analysis Diagnostic Tool – Great Help Especially for the System Administrators and Help Desk Professional.

Change Analysis Diagnostic tool by Microsoft is another one of their ingenious releases, which is especially useful for the help desk professionals and system administrators.

With this tool the system administrators, can easily track specific changes made on the operating systems, before the problems started occurring. It makes their troubleshooting tasks faster, since they are able to narrow down on the problem areas rather quickly.

The administrators cannot technically block all the user permissions these days, which in turn gives sufficient freedom for the users to play around with the operating system configuration, browser settings, and at times they could even install unauthorized programs. Blocking all the permissions could also affect the performance of the users.

Some of the main reasons why Change Analysis Diagnostic can be a very handy tool:

  • Users might be unaware of the changes which recently took place in their computers
  • The users might not be able to relate the changes pertaining to the problems
  • The users might find it irritating to backtrack and elaborately explain about the changes to the support professionals
  • Users might not be technically equipped to provide accurate information on the changes which recently took place
  • The explanation about the problems over the telephone can be long and exasperating for both the support professionals and the users

The problem causing changes in your computer usually occur when the new updates fail to become fully compatible, or while the software applications are being installed, or if any hardware is added or removed from the computers.

Change Analysis Diagnostic is an excellent tool with which you can scan for the changes by specifying the date range. You could opt to run the scan for last 14 days or for the last 7 days, depending upon your understanding of what the problem could be.

The areas which the Diagnostic tool identifies are the changes in operating system components, installation of software applications, browser helper objects, system drivers, Auto-Start items and ActiveX controls.

The report is generated as a XML file which you could read with any XML reader like the Internet Explorer. Please be reminded that if you open the report with the notepad, it will give you only the information that is illegible. Therefore, using the notepad is not recommended to read the XML files

You will need to go to the Run option from Windows Start button, and enter statechangediag.exe and hit the OK button to launch the tool. In the tool, you will need to choose the date range with the help of graphical calendar representation. The process of scanning in the Diagnostic Tool might take a couple of minutes.

Once the scan is completed, you can click on View Report, and the report can be viewed using the XML reader or Internet Explorer.

The report will categorically provide all the changes that took place on the computer during the specified date range. Troubleshooting the problems is quite easy with this special Microsoft tool.

Download details: Change Analysis Diagnostic Tool.


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