Browsing internet for digging the latest information is a common task. Experienced users are adept at working with around three internet explorer windows opened at the same time. However, if users open ten or more internet browsers at one go, their task becomes quite confusing. When they minimize ten browsers at the same window, it becomes extremely difficult to instantly identify each website. But not any more! Windows Vista has recently launched its newest feature, Visual Task Tips. This application has relatively eased working with more than ten browsers at the same time.

Visual Task Tips is a utility shell enhancement that displays the snapshots of all the windows minimized. It eases your task by providing you the thumbnail preview for each task in the taskbar. Users can easily locate their mouse over the thumbnail to see their enlarged preview. This tool has been designed to significantly multiply your workflow production.

This tool has advanced features to fix text tooltips placement errors. With this application installed in your system, users no more experience annoying hangs on busy applications. It has stringent measures to optimize the minor drawing performance. It conducts regular scans to check the RSS news added on your website. With this tool you can easily fix errors occurring in programs located outside primary monitor bounds.

Visual Task Tips is extremely easy to use and download. All you need to do is simply download this tool in your system and run its installation files. This program is available for free on web.

[ Download Visual Task Tips ]


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