If you need to see all opened tabs and pages in Internet Explorer 8, you may be helped considerably by the feature called as Quick Tabs. This feature enables user to which lets you see thumbnails of all opened web links and tabs in Internet Explorer 8, or popularly know was IE 8.

We all have faced trouble one time or the other on opening various tabs. If you habitually need to open various internet windows at a time this feature will be of great help to you. The Quick Tabs button helps user see a miniature image view of all the open tabs at a time. This helps considerably in finding the webpage that the user wants to view. An added feature of the Quick Tabs button is that it is displayed only when the user has opened more than one webpage. This ensures that your browser is not unnecessarily cluttered with tools.

Getting the thumbnail view of the opened web pages is vrey easy. All a user needs to do is to click the Quick Tabs button present at the left of the row of tabs. After this the thumbnail that a user wants to open may be clicked for viewing. When a user clicks the arrow visible next to the Quick Tabs button the list of all the web pages that he or she has opened are displayed. This display is in the form of a drop down list. If the user wants to switch to a new website all he needs to do is to click the site name.

Since on opening different web pages they are all displayed on different tabs it becomes difficult to find the one which is needed easily and the user has to check every tab to find the relevant webpage but the list available on clicking quick tabs helps users easily switch between open websites.


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