TCPView is a free program that shows details about TCP and UDP ports that are being used up on your system by various applications. You’ll get in depth details of the local addresses and corresponding remote address including the state of the TCP connections.

TCPView works on Windows Vista, XP, NT, Server 2008. You can use it on Windows 95 also, but you need to get Winsock 2 update from Microsoft.

If Refresh rate is not defined, TCPView refreshes every second as per default setting.

How To See Which TCP && UDP Ports Are Being Used In Windows XP And Vista

If any end point changes from one state to another, then it becomes yelow, if deleted then it becomes green and if any new endpoint takes over a port it turns green.

You also have an option to forcefully close a process if you want any port free.

[ Download TCPView ]


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