Tutorial to send Executable files like exe, dll, ocx, bat, zip, tar, tgz, taz, z, gz Files Through GMAIL.

The world is slowly shifting towards GMail, easy-to-use interface, a lot of services integrated making life easier,, ajax loading, inline chat, lot more to name.

The other day, I wanted send across an .exe file to a friend of mine, and figured there was no way to send it directly. As part of security measure, GMail does not allow you to send or receive any executable.

In fact, none of the the files ending with “exe, dll, ocx, bat, zip, tar, tgz, taz, z, gz” can get though the Gmail Virus – scanner. Here are some simple ways you can work around this problem:

1) Rename the extension of the exe files to some .jpeg, .bmp or .txt. For example, if the file you want to send is “example.exe or example.bat“, rename the file as “example.jpeg or example.bmp” and send it over. Do not forget to notify the receivers to change the extension back to the original file extension.

2) Another simpler solution is to create self-extracting RAR archive containing your executable file and attach it to your Gmail e-mail (that rhymes ;)). Surprisingly, Gmail doesn’t scan RAR archives for the contents. You can use Winrar for creating RAR archives.

If you do not have Winrar, you can download it for free from here.

**Update** –

If this post doesn’t solve your problem, please read the updated post here.


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