LiteMobile, is JetLite’s real-time, fully automated service,  is designed to provide the passengers with instant flight information.

Flight Delay message:

If your JetLite flight is delayed for more than 15 minutes, they will send you an instant SMS alert. Please make sure you provide your mobile number while making your booking.

Flight Status:

For arrival / departure information or to know the status of your flight, simply send a SMS to 56388 in the format Lite Flight Number to 56388. E.g: Lite 106 to 56388. to check flight status for a particular date of travel, SMS Lite flight Number mm/dd to 56388.

Set Flight alerts:

You can also subscribe for flight status information from your mobile each time there is an update on your flight you will receive the information via SMS. To set alerts for same day of Travel, SMS LiteAlert Flight Number to 56388. E.g: LiteAlert 106 to 56388. to set flight alert for a particular date of travel, SMS LiteAlert Flight Number mm/dd to 56388. Eg: LiteAlert 106 12/25 to 56388.


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