Vaibhav had a strange problem and Gurdeep Antil came to rescue with a solution. Here’s Vaibhav’s problem:

He has two laptops, one of which supports wireless LAN / internet connection and the other doesn’t. The laptop with wireless LAN enabled had a damaged screen, as a result nothing could be seen on the screen. There were two options, either Vaibhav had to take his system to the room where the router was installed and plug a LAN wire to the laptop and work (this would take away his freedom of working from his room) or the other option was to set up a connection between two laptops: one with Wireless LAN and another without wireless LAN (the second system can be a desktop also), hence the system without wireless LAN card can access the internet via other system.

Gurdeep went ahead with the second solution. Here’s how you can set up Internet Connection or LAN connection between A Laptop and Desktop:

1> Make sure the internet connection is working fine on the laptop with wireless LAN setup. Next you need to install NetBEUI on windows XP ( The laptop with wireless card). NetBEUI is not installed on your system by default. The NetBEUI files should be copied manually from Windows XP CD on to your system.

Learn how to install NetBEUI on Windows XP –

2> Connect the two laptops / laptop and desktop with a Ethernet cable.

3> Once NetBEUI is installed & laptops are connected to each other. you’ll have to build network bridge between wireless card & LAN card.

This article will help you to get this done –

3> Next step is to create the internet connection with Windows XP. This article by Sharon Crawford will tell you how you can create internet connection sharing with Windows XP

This article will help all those who have problems with setting up internet connection sharing with windows XP.



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