Have you seen your friends showing off the current music track they are playing on their music player ? You too can show off the music you are playing on your Winamp as your GTalk status message. The moment the song changes in your Winamp, the status message of your GTalk changes too.

Here’s how you can show off your current Winamp music track :

1> If you have not installed Winamp, then download Winamp and install it. Normally, it’s installed in C:\Program Files\Winamp. Navigate to the folder where Winamp is installed.

2> If you have hidden file extensions of known file types, disable it. To show file extensions of known file types, Click on Tools –> Folder Options –> View and then uncheck “Hide Extensions for known file types”,

3> Create a new empty text file in the Winamp folder. Rename the file as ‘Winamp.m3u‘ and save it. Click yes to Warning prompt.

4> Reboot your system after this and when you next start GTalk, you’ll see a new option which says ‘Show current Music Track‘.

If you are playing any songs, then the song title will be shown as your latest status message. If you close down your music player or the music player stops playing, then your last used status message will be shown.

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