Dealing with the “Checksum invalid” error while Mounting Image files

People often face difficulties while downloading/opening a Self Mounting Image (smi) file – the most common bug being that an error message crops up, saying “Checksum invalid”. Checksum is a default calculator that checks the integrity of the data that is to be used for storage /transmission. Getting this error message primarily means that the data/file you are trying to access is corrupt/defective. Although there are no direct solutions to this problem, a few suggestions can be offered.

The first thing to note is that this problem is not due to a defect of your computer. On the other hand, it means that your PC is working fine – that is why it is showing the error message. You can try either of the following:

  1. To confirm that the problem is with the file and not with your PC, you can try opening the file on different PC. Most likely, the same error message will crop in this case too – reaffirming that the file is corrupt.
  2. Try obtaining a different copy of the file. If you have been getting the “checksum invalid” several times now after downloading the file from the same location each time, you might consider downloading the file from a different location. You might even try to get a copy from a friend.
  3. Another option is to use the application “Disk First Aid” – particularly if you find that image mounts but the checksum message crops up when you try to open the file. This application for Mac OS has been designed to specifically tackle situations when you are having troubles with various system problems.


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