Resolving the “iTunes.exe – Corrupt File” error message problem with the iPod

iPod users might know the following error message very well:

iTunes: iTunes.exe – Corrupt File

The file or directory \iPod_Control\iTunes\DeviceInfo is corrupt or unreadable. Please run the Chdsk utility.

This message crops up in your system tray and the computer does not read your iPod anymore. Although this may seem to be a very serious situation, it is actually not so. Almost all softwares stand the chance of getting corrupted some day or the other, and there are ways and means to fix these problems. This is even more probable with the iPod-iTunes combination as the iPod is an extremely frequently used device.

Here are a few options that you have to fix this issue.

  1. Ensure that you are using the latest version of iTunes
    1. Simply check the version in File -> Help -> About iTunes in the main window, and then check the latest version on the iTunes website. If you are using a previous version, then you can download the latest version of iTunes from here.
    2. Alternatively, you can check for the latest version by using the Apple Software Update program. Launch this program from Start -> All Programs -> Apple Software Update.
  2. Updating the iPod to correct any corrupted sections of its hard drive.
    1. You can use iTunes to update iPod software by going to Help -> Check for Updates in the iTunes window.
    2. Alternatively, you can also use the iPod Updater application. Simply launch this program from Start -> All Programs -> iPod Updater.
  3. Restoring the iPod to factory settings
    1. This is the last resort. Use this only when none of the above fixes the problem. Restoring your iPod to factory settings will erase all data from it, and then put a fresh issue of the iPod software on it. Thus, all corrupted areas will be erased. You can learn more about restoring iPod from the Apple support site.


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