Problems with low hard disk space in the computer are very common nowadays. The difficulty is considerably worsened when you are in middle of some important work and you can’t complete it because of low disk space.

Imagine a situation, where you are downloading your favorite movie and when it is about to complete, an error shows up that tells you that there is not enough memory to store to file, or when you are about to download the messenger and the same problem has occurred again. How would you feel at that time? Totally depressed and flushed out.

Of course it is not possible for you to keep a tab on your hard disk all the time. Moreover finding out how much space is available, where to store your files and all such details is a time consuming process. In fact managing hard disk can be quite troublesome sometimes. However the answer to all your woes is here as there are now some applications that will help you in managing the hard disk and keep you updated about every detail that may be important for you to know about before downloading any kind of file.

In order to manage the hard disk, a simple software is known as WinDirStat is now freely available. The free availability on internet means you do not have to pay for the management of your hard disk. It lists the size as well as percentage of disk space used for all folders and sub-folders, graphical representation of files and sorts them in order. It will even tell you about the available space in the computer. Before downloading a notification will be given in order to avoid any kind of difficulty. It works with Windows OS and supports 12+ languages. WinDirStat is the simple cleanup tool to manage your hard disk space. Moreover it is very simple to use as well.

[ Download WinDirStat ]



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