Tips To Get Rid Of The Error Message Appearing After Deletion Of HP Recovery Partition

If you own a new desktop computer system or a notebook/laptop of Compaq or HP brand, you must be familiar with the recovery partition facility that it offers. This HP recovery partition allows you to restore your PC to its original default condition incase Windows BSOD fails to boot or gets corrupt.

There is an option that allows you to remove or delete this unique HP recovery partition. You can use Disk Manager or other disk management tools like Partition Magic to do so. However, when you remove this HP recovery partition using any of these tools, you get an error message or warning every time you start your system.

You may ignore the warning message of HP and press F10 to proceed. The moment you press F10, XP or Vista will boot normally. The merged partition and the recovered partitions will also function normally. If you create a new partition by freeing the hard drive space, that will function well too and will be visible in the disk manager.

Moreover, HP Recovery Manager and Backup tool cannot even be removed by using Add/Remove programs option in the Control Panel. The error message tends to appear every time you boot the system.

Probably, the warning message regarding recovery partition is placed in the Master Boot Record (MBR) by HP itself. This warning message can however be disabled or removed by using any of the two methods mentioned below:

>> In the first method, you will have to follow the proper process provided by HP while deleting or removing the recovery partition. You need to create the partition back, before you try to delete it again. For this, you need to install HP Recovery tool (Recovery Manager and HP Backup) back again.

You need to now create a recovery point, since it is required by the software to recreate the partition. Once you do it, the software can either be deleted or used to remove/delete the recovery partition.

The second method works by restoring the MBR to its original Windows state in order to clear the HP inserted code. You need to overwrite the Master Boot Record after you have deleted the HP_Recovery partition.

For overwriting the MBR, you need to create bootable system disk and copy fdisk.exe to it. Then boot into the DOS environment with the help of a bootable CD or floppy. At the command prompt, run fdisk /mbr.

As another option, you can possibly boot using Windows setup disk. Then type fixmbr at Recovery Console prompt. You may also optionally type fixboot.


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