Recently, a friend had problem with her almost new Sony Ericsson W910i. The phone is a couple of months old, and the problem was that it used to restart / reboot by itself.  This was a nuisance when she’d be in the middle of texting or on a conversation with someone.

I searched on the net to find a solution for this problem and noticed that a lot of people had complained about similar problem with their Sony Ericsson W910i. I did finally find a solution, and the problem was with the software version she had on her phone.

Get the latest update from Sony Ericsson Site and update your phone with the latest firmware.

This fixed the problem on my friends phone. This should solve your problem too, but if in case the problem still does not solve, it’s  possible that your phone may be infected by a virus and you’ll have to run a complete virus scan on your phone.

Do let me know in the comments section if this solution worked !

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  1. My sony ericson w 910i, Its not on. When swuch on the phone, hangh the phone ehen display sony ericson logo. What the problum.

  2. my w910i went off while talkn,tried chargn,nothn iz happenn at al.nt evn a light showing that chargr z connectd,help plz

  3. Could this software update can help my w910i phone to connect with the PC without any problems?
    co’z every time i connect it to the PC, the PC says that the device connected has malfunction and does not recognize by the PC.
    do we have the same problems?
    please help me to solve.


  4. Hi
    I have the same problem and i did try what you said…I have downloaded the update service at the link you have posted..i have opened it and followed the steps..but my problem lies after choosing the brand and model…the next step tells me to: remove and reinsert the battery and while plugging the usb cable i should be holding c key..and that i should keep on holding it..i have followed these steps but while holding the c key…nothing is happening…how much time should i wait..wont any screen appear on my phone to let me know if am doint it the right way??
    plzzz help…


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